Instructor Mike Anderson joins us this year at the Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival, offering a lesson in “nourishing life”.

1:00-2:00pm:  Wudang Yang Sheng Qigong

Yang Sheng means nourishing life — a fundamental building block to developing internal strength.  Yang Sheng Qigong focuses on replenishing “pre-heaven” Qi.  This is the Qi or energy you were born with.  Over time this Qi slowly depletes leading to illness.  Yang Sheng Qigong exercise helps you to rebuild a reservoir of Qi.

Mike Anderson is a 15th generation San Feng Pai and 26th generation Longmen disciple.  Mike is an instructor with Pikes Peak Dao at the Center for Aikido and Tang Soo Do Studies.

Email:  wudangqi@gmail.com


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