Guest of honor, Wudang Daoist Michael Xia Chongyi, joins us this year at the Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival, offering a rare opportunity to study some special techniques and concepts of Wudang!

11:00am-12:00pm:  Tai Chi Sword Combat Method

This one-hour crash course in sword combat will give attendees a way to begin practicing sword fighting principles & concepts in a controlled approach while cultivating authentic skill and combat ability.  Utilizing Wudang Daoist Swordsman Xia Chongyi’s “Five Element Taiji Fencing Method,” Xia will provide an easy step-by-step strategy for handling the enagement in a sword duel.  Those who enjoy this workshop are encouraged to buy Xia’s published book “Taiji Fencing Principles, Vol. 1” to continue developing their combat skills, and/or order Xia’s online video series on foundational sword drills & body mechanics to improve one’s foundational swordsmanship.

Xia will also be available for private training Sunday & Monday (July 7-8) before returning to his summer teaching tour & retreats on the east coast.  Rates are $90.00 per hour or $150 for 2 hours. There is a 50% additional fee for shared sessions.

Xia Chongyi carries 3 Wudang Daoist lineages, and was inducted into Dragon Gate Sect as a formal Daoist in 2010.  With nearly 30 years in the martial arts (over 20 in the internal arts), Xia is renown for his entirely rewritten approach to martial arts, kung fu, taijiquan, swordsmanship, & Daoism as it is viewed in the west.  Xia has formal Daoist studies education both religiously in the Daoist temples and scholarly in American universities.  Xia heads training centers in 4 states, and works with teachers across 8 states & 3 countries in his teaching network.

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