We are highlighting Tai Chi and the internal arts this year.  The Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival is now working in association with DaoUSA and the WuDang San Feng Friendship Association of China to promote “Tai Chi for Humanity” in a celebration of unity, balance, and harmony.  We are coming together to host our cultural festival in Englewood, CO this year, inviting participants and spectators from around the region, and also with our eyes set on the biggest national/international Zhang San Feng festival ever held in America – in the mountains of Estes Park – at the Dao House in July 2020.

Gene Ching, from Kung Fu / Tai Chi Magazine, will be with us again this year, so we are incorporating a “talent search” within our regional championship – specifically looking for upcoming stars and champions (both children and adults) to be featured in the magazine.  GET READY!

We have added TWO NEW DIVISIONS that are open to all styles of martial arts (including Kung Fu, Karate, Kenpo, Taekwondo, etc.):  Musical Forms division (for individuals) and Group Performance division (for 3 or more participants).  The winners of these divisions will receive a CASH PRIZE!!!

Our Vision

Martial Arts Exchange

A promotion and exchange of Chinese Martial Arts through participation in internal and external forms, weapons, push hands, and amazing feats challenges.

Festival and Evening Show

A cultural festival for the public to experience the Five Excellences of martial arts, health, poetry, calligraphy, and music.  Plus, a show that will be an exciting display of amazing performances and feats.  Entertainment for all!

Educational Workshops

Sunday workshops available to the public – an opportunity for a hands-on experience to learn about the arts, skills, talents, wisdom, and performances on display during the festival!


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