World Kung Fu and Tai Chi Champion, Two-Time U.S. Team Member Gold Medalist, Master Christophe Clarke will be conducting three workshops on Sunday, July 7:


10:00-11:00am:  Stationary Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Chuan (grand ultimate boxing) – to flow like a river, as still as a mountain

The concept of the mountain – “root” – is firmness, stillness, and “ting” listening ability.  Learn how the Yang style postures are used in actual combat by applying the movements from a stationary position.

This workshop will give you a clear understanding of the essence of ward/off, rollback, press, and push…. which is the foundation of basic push hands.  Additionally, learn how to use raise hands, fair lady work shuttles, kou, and pull down.

In this workshop, you will begin to understand the relationship between Taiji and a mime.  You will also learn how to move and direct energy.  Understanding the application of each move from your form/routine gives true intention!  Without it, you’re just moving around with no direction or purpose.  Having the intention will give your practice more merit and meaning, and Master Clarke will share how to make that connection to intention during the workshop.


11:00am-12:00pm:  Moving Step Pushing Hands

To flow like a “river”

Learn how to apply the principles of stationary pushing hands to moving step, understanding how to yield and counter attack without breaking the rhythm and flow.  Consider the concept as somewhat of a dance, using the footwork to create distance and fill space.

Remember:  moving step pushing hands is NOT actual combat and will not be presented that way during the workshop.  Instead, we will focus on the practice of “advanced listening” – becoming comfortable with being touched or pushed.  Learn how to accept and re-direct an attack by countering, offsetting your opponent’s rhythm, and pushing them off balance with total ease.

There are five steps to Taiji Chuan mastery as a fighting art:  (1) stationary pushing hands; (2) moving step pushing hands; (3) reaction skill sparring; (4) light contact; and (5) full contact.   This introduction to the concept of “being pushed” through moving step push hands, as the second step to having real martial arts abilities, will remove any false sense of confidence.  Instead, the training in this workshop will replace that “false confidence” with real confidence, making you very comfortable with the idea of being pushed and hopefully sparking your interest to explore the other three steps.

This workshop is safe and educational, and is a must for any Tai Chi player who wants to further his or her practice.

12:00-1:00pm:  Tai Chi/Kung Fu Red Phoenix Fan

The movements of the Red Phoenix are poetry in motion – artistic, breathtaking, and mesmerizing.  This routine has won many championships and has thrilled many audiences as a demonstration.

In this workshop, you will learn the fan form and how to do tricks with the fan:
Open – Close – Flip – Throw – Strike – etc.  Learning this form will help your hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and ability to flow.  This will be a great introduction to the art of movement for beginners, and a great addition to your skills for martial artists, flow artists, dancers, etc.


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